Sahra V. Nguyen

Writer | Director | Filmmaker

Life is far from linear & closer to infinity.

Sahra Vang Nguyen is on a mission to explore stories at the intersection of diversity, culture, and human potential. Her recent documentary, "Deported," which she sold to NBC News, explores the global fight to end deportation. Whether it's behind the camera producing, directing, and filming, or in front of audiences speaking on topics including race and uplifting underrepresented voices in media, Sahra proves to be a Renaissance woman of the Millennial generation whose talents can't be boxed in. 

Read her latest interview with NYLON Magazine here.

Sahra's latest documentary, "Deported," for NBC News, follows the global fight to end deportations of Cambodian Americans. Created by Sahra and produced independently through her own production company, "Deported" was filmed in three U.S. cities and Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in late 2016. Watch the trailer above,  and the entire documentary in 5 parts, below.  "Deported" is available for streaming on, NBC News YouTube, NBC News App, and NBC Asian America Facebook page. 

Part 1 of 5: A Grassroots Movement

Part 2 of 5:  Forced Family Separation

Part 3 of 5: An Urgent Appeal

Part 4 of 5: Beyond the United States

Part 5 of 5: A Global Movement

One Ounce Gold Productions

Sahra has created, produced, and directed over 14 documentaries under her own production company, One Ounce Gold. After watching Maker's Lane, NBC News reached out to Sahra to create an original series in an effort to launch their brand new video channel, NBC Asian America Presents.  Self-Starters was born.  Exploring human values of happiness, courage, and dreams, Self-Starters features Asian-American trailblazers around the country who are challenging social norms and carving their own path through doing what they love.

Documentary Series: Self-Starters

Meet the entrepreneurs whose unique stories include one common thread: the pursuit of the American dream. Five-episode series, which premiered March 29, 2016 on, NBC News YouTube, and NBC News App for mobile and Smart TVs.

Lanie Alabanza-Barcena, founder and creative director of HLZBLZ, talks fashion, streetwear, and how she went from designing in her spare time to seeing her shirts on Beyoncé.

Xi'an Famous Foods in New York City is a family-run business with a large presence. But how did a single food stall become a citywide phenomenon?

POW! WOW! founder and lead director Jasper Wong and co-lead director Kamea Hadar describe the journey from local event to worldwide art festivals. 

Meet the entrepreneurs who want to "power your life with sunshine," from powering homes and cars to providing portable solar solutions around the world. 

Meet three Hmong-American women who are changing lives in the Southeast Asian communities their families came from.

Maker's Lane is a documentary web series about entrepreneurs based in the trendsetting capital of the world -- New York. Each episode profiles a different creative hustler building their own vision and offers advice from self-made success stories. Through business, creativity and trailblazing, Maker's Lane inspires viewers to carve their own path and celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of the American Dream.

Maker's Lane Season 01 premiered May 2014, in celebration of National Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Season 01 featured entrepreneurs behind the following companies:

Watch the trailer:


Maker's Lane Season 01 was presented in collaboration with the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, sponsored by Hyphen Magazine and featured on Colorlines, NBC News and Huffington Post. Click here to read all the press love.

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